Mike Zarro, PhD


Work Examples

Effective and successful leading UX Research and Design in organizations from startups to Fortune 500.

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User Research in Agile

As part of the UX leadership team, I assessed our employees attitudes and activities in agile product teams, identifying areas for improvement. Using my agile and UX management expertise, I developed training, guidelines, and tools for user researchers to follow and use. This approach has proven successful in boosting both the team satisfaction, and the delivery of actionable insights that enhance customer value.

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PMI Study Hall

User research findings showed that PMI exam candidates desired a comprehensive and trusted approach to exam prep. I managed the creation of an MVP, iterative testing, and improvements to general release. Over a series of user tests with the MVP, the team found that practice, gamification, and nudges provided the most value to users, guiding more comprehensive design and development efforts.

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Employee Value Proposition

I managed consultants researching and developing a new Employee Value Proposition for my firm. Part of my role included gaining stakeholder and executive buy-in to esnure success of the initiative. We used survey and competitive research and incorporated the work in a larger human-resources transformation intitiative, with the goal of attracting and retaining high value employees.

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e-Learning Product Development

I managed a team of FTE and consultants iteratively improving an e-learning website as part of an agile product group. Shown here are findings from a usability test, providing insights to improve the user experience in an Agile environment.

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Design Thinking Workshops

I planned and led a series of workshops as part of a design thinking project. Our team invited participants from Europe and the Americas, with the goal of developing novel concepts in agile training and implementation. This work was used in innovation efforts for my firm's flagship product.

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e-Commerce Usability

As part of a product development team, I developed and conducted usability testing to improve an e-commerce application. Results were presented to tech lead and UX design team for design and implementation.

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Scenario mapping

In order to quickly and efficiently communicate a multi-channel flow to stakeholders, I developed simple cartoon-based scenario maps to quickly demonstrate multi-channel user experiences, across desktop and mobile.