Agile UX Research & Design

Remote User Research
I built and lead a strong remote research practice working with global stakeholders. We use tools including MURAL remote whiteboarding, UserZoom, Calendly, WebEx, and Rev/Temi, reaching users around the world. We use Artifical Intelligence (AI) tools to automate our work. Our efforts accelerated post-Covid and my team is now 100% remote.

Agile Practice Guide
Working with a group of international agile experts, I researched reading and learning preferences to guide the design the structure and information architecture of the Agile Practice Guide, a touchstone agile publication used by leading organizations around the globe.

IA book

Information Architecture: The Design and Integration of Information Spaces
Co-written with Wei Ding and Xia Lin, our book covers the main methods, techniques, and theories for organizing information while making it findable and interactive. Our goal is to help people who are learning IA / UX, along with practitioners looking for a guidebook, find techniques to manage information and implement user-centered design in their work. This updated and revised edition looks at integrated information spaces for mobile, web, and beyond - with a focus on putting principles into practice.

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