Information Architecture: The Design and Integration of Information Spaces, 2nd Edition

Drawing on the authors’ extensive experience as UX practitioners, researchers, and IA instructors, this book outlines a balanced view of the IA discipline by connecting a practitioner’s real-world experience to information theories and design principles. In addition to demonstrating the conventional IA deliverables and techniques this book emphasizes that information architecture is about the design and integration of information spaces, both digital and physical, grounded in HCI theory.

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This book is a result of our teaching of a graduate-level course on information architecture at Drexel University for a number of years. The content is updated to incorporate the latest developments in the field. Key features of the book include concise discussions structured around each topic and the balanced coverage of theoretical and practical issues. As the book was originally written as lecture notes, we believe it is very suitable to be used as textbook for IA, UX, and HCI classes. However, user experience practitioners should also find this book useful and inspiring as an essential point is to learn-by-doing. The book covers the topics such as:

  1. The evolution of IA
  2. HCI theory for UX / IA
  3. Research and design deliverables
  4. Iterative design and Agile processes
  5. The future of IA