User Experience Researcher

I am a user experience professional leading UX research and design projects. I use methods like qualitative research, remote usability testing, interviews and more to investigate user needs.

After several years of industry experience, I earned my Ph.D. to dig deeply into the foundations of how people use and interact with technology. My primary research areas were human-computer interaction, social media, and modeling patients' use of the web while managing a chronic disease. I've led federally funded research projects, published peer-reviewed research articles (1200+ downloads), and presented at several conferences and industry events. I support the UX community by volunteering to teach and mentor.

Mike Zarro Presenting at HCIR in Vancoucer BC

Creating engaging and effective user experiences is my passion. I develop UX strategies and tactics, and work with product and development teams to build engaging technology products and services. I provide leadership and coaching to executive, development, and user experience teams - maintaining a balnace between business and user requirements.

I've designed web, mobile, and software applications for leading tech companies, like eBay enterprise and SAP, and technology startups. I design wireframes, develop user flows, and program functional HTML/CSS/JS prototypes for desktop, mobile and enterprise software environments.

UX and IA Teaching

I teach courses in UX and Information Architecture, and deliver workshops and conference presentations.

"Hands down, the best class I've taken ..., he inspires interest and motivation. After taking this class, I feel like I could do the job of Information Architect."- IA Student

My students have been hired by organizations like Twitter, Etsy, IBM, and the Library of Congress.