Michael Zarro, PhD

Mike Zarro

Hi, I'm Mike. I develop user-centered products and methods, and help people learn UX and design thinking skills. Currently, I lead a global user experience research program grounded in proven HCI, UX, and IA methods. My book, Information Architecture: The Design and Integration of Information Spaces is out now.

I have a PhD in Information Science and an MS in Library and Information Science. I began my career as a fullstack web developer, and over time gained a deep understanding of front and back-end technologies through designing systems for startups, medical systems, colleges, and Fortune 500 companies.

I teach and present at industry/academic conferences on a variety of technical topics. Recent talks include UX Research Methods, Agile Project Management, and Design Thinking. College courses taught include topics in UX and Digitial Libraries, my students are hired at places like Twitter, Etsy, and the Library of Congress.
"Hands down, the best class I've taken... he inspires interest and motivation. " - IA Student

IA book

Information Architecture: The Design and Integration of Information Spaces, covers the main methods, techniques, and theories for organizing information while making it findable and interactive. Our goal is to help people who are learning IA / UX, along with practitioners looking for a guidebook, find techniques to manage information and implement user-centered design in their work. This updated and revised edition looks at integrated information spaces for mobile, web, and beyond - with a focus on putting principles into practice.

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