The IA Book

Information Architecture: The Design and Integration of Information Spaces
Written with co-authors Wei Ding and Xia Lin, this leading UX Textbook covers the main methods, techniques, and theories for organizing information while making it findable and interactive. Our goal is to help people who are learning IA / UX, along with practitioners looking for a guidebook, find techniques to manage information and implement user-centered design in their work. Available at Amazon and Morgan & Claypool (publisher)


  • IA Defined and Scope
  • User-Centered Design
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Navigation Design
  • Information Behaviors
  • Interaction Design
  • Design Patterns
  • The Future of IA

Projects | Experience

Currently leading UX Research and Interactive Design in a growing $400M+ product portfolio.

Effective and successful leading UX Research and Design in organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500.


Courses taught in the Drexel College of Computing & Informatics, and industry presentations


Perspectives on Information Systems

Drexel INFO540. A foundational graduate IS course examining types of information systems and the ways in which these systems support organizations. Covers leading edge IS/IT applications, requirements analysis, and software development processes.


Digital Library Technologies

Drexel INFO657. An advanced graduate MSLIS class that introduces technologies that enable the design and implementation of digital libraries. Focuses on topics relating to content management technologies, XML, user interface design, and system integration.


Design of Interactive Systems

Drexel INFO611. A Master's67 UX class focusing on the design of new interactive systems following a Design Thinking process. Includes modules covering assessing and modeling user and organizational needs, exploring design alternatives, communicating design concepts, and prototyping designs.


Design Thinking and AI

A series of invited lectures and workshops at PMI conferences and UX symposia presented to thousands of global participants, covering Design Thinking, Artificial Intelligence, and Product Design - based on my research, professional experience, and success with these tools and technologies.

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